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RJMC One-Day ERP Workshop

RJMC One-Day ERP Workshop

RJMC One-Day ERP Workshop LogoIn just one day, RUBENSTEIN / JUSTMAN MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS will teach you what you need to know to manage your Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) Evaluation, Selection, and Implementation project.  During the workshop, RJMC will cover the following topics in detail, providing a look at how each topic affects your company.

ERP Evaluation

  • In What Ways Is the Current System Failing to Meet Your Company’s Needs?
    • How Important are These Issues to the Business?
    • Do They Warrant the Expense and Disruption of an ERP Replacement Project?
  • How Does the Business Hope to Benefit from a New ERP System?
    • Identifying Business Requirements for the New System
    • Separating “Needs” from “Desires” and Why This is an Important Distinction
  • Basics of ERP Budgets

ERP Selection

  • What is the Best Way to Identify Your Company’s System Requirements?
    • How to Discuss and Agree Upon the Business’s Requirements
    • The Importance of Identifying Key Requirements
  • What is the Best Way to Narrow the Many ERP Solution Options?
    • Is There a Need to Fully Investigate Each Option Before Deciding?
  • Managing the Vendor Demonstration Process
  • Managing Your ERP Budget and the Vendor Bid Process

ERP Implementation

  • Managing Software Vendor and System Integrator Contract Negotiations
    • What Does Your Company Need to Include in These Contracts?
    • How to Plan for Project Success During Contract Negotiations
  • Managing Your Company’s ERP Implementation Process
    • Building Your Implementation Team
    • Typical Causes of Project Obstacles
    • Tracking Performance to Schedule and Budget
    • How to Avoid Disaster

RJMC offers our One-Day ERP Workshop for only $2,995*.  This fee includes a day of questions and answers at your site with RJMC ERP Selection Consultants and RJMC’s One-Day ERP Workshop Companion – a reference guide for all that will be discussed during the Workshop.

Call us at (310) 445 – 5300 today to schedule  your RJMC One-Day ERP Workshop!

*$2,995 ERP Workshop fee applied to any future RJMC services