Rubenstein Justman Management Consultants

Finally, an ERP Budget Calculator!

Today, RJMC, a leader in assisting mid-market firms to evaluate and select new system solutions, launched its new website. An integral part of the new website is the RJMC ERP Budget Calculator.

In the process of working with a large number of firms over the past 24 years, one question that frequently comes to the fore at the beginning of each project is “How much will a new ERP solution cost?” That can be a very difficult question to answer because each company has its own unique system requirements and there are still many commercially available solutions to choose from.

RJMC has taken some of the mystery out of the equation so that a mid-market company can answer but four simple questions and the RJMC ERP Budget Calculator does the rest to provide both a “conservative” and “best case” all-in estimate.

For those companies that would like a more detailed analysis and presentation, RJMC will provide a custom ERP budget presentation. Call Gary Rubenstein at 310 / 445-5300 for more information.