Rubenstein Justman Management Consultants

Announcing the 2010 RJMC Referral Program

Rubenstein / Justman Management Consultants is pleased to announce the 2010 RJMC Referral Program t0 compensate individuals that provide introductions to qualified opportunities that result in new consulting services engagements.

This Referral Fee Program is structured to provide compensation at several levels, including fees for phone or in-person introductory meetings, fees at the point that a new RJMC consulting servcies engagement is initiated, and fees over the life of the resulting client relationship.

The scope of RJMC consulting services include assisting companies in assessing their existing Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) technology, evaluating and selecting new ERP solutions, ERP implementation project management services, and other Information Technology and Operations Management-related consulting opportunities.

Interested parties should contact us at (310) 445 – 5300 to learn more about how to qualify for the 2010 RJMC Referral Program.

Please note, system technology and integration firms are not eligible to participate in the 2010 RJMC Referral Program.