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RJMC Introduces the One-Day ERP Workshop!

by Gary Rubenstein

Over the past 24 years of conducting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) evaluation and selection projects, RJMC has frequently been asked for the “templates” and other process documents that we use to support our successful ERP projects.

Well, you no longer have to wait to learn how to manage your ERP Evaluation, Selection, and Implementation project.  We are now offering a “Live” on-site One-Day ERP Workshop that will teach your team to perform the steps necessary to ensure success when embarking upon this mission critical project.

During the RJMC One-Day ERP Workshop, we will teach you how to . . .

  • Identify the unique strengths and shortcoming in your current systems
  • Identify system requirements that are key to the on-going success of your business
  • Differentiate between “Desires” and “Needs” and why this is an important distinction when selecting a new system
  • Define the appropriate scope for your future ERP system
  • Narrow the field of solutions alternatives to those that align best with your company needs and budget
  • Manage vendor fact-finding sessions
  • Prepare a document that you can share with solution providers to obtain a meaningful proposal
  • Conduct a software solution demonstration that contributes to your decision-making process
  • Review a software license and consulting services agreement properly
  • Build a effective implementation project team
  • Plan for your ERP implementation by setting realistic scope, timing, and budgetary expectations

This on-site Workshop will provide your whole team with an opportunity to ask questions during the Workshop and RJMC resources will also be available for the following 30 days to respond to any general questions regarding the Evaluation and Selection process discussed during the Workshop!

RJMC represents the best interests of our mid-market clients and assists them in finding the right ERP solution at the right price.  Your ERP project will ultimately change your key business processes to improve your operations, reduce your costs, and support your on-going success.  Let RJMC show you some of our magic so that your company can plan for this significant activity.

Contact us at 310-445-5300 to schedule a time for your Workshop!

Rubenstein / Justman Management Consultants (RJMC) is a management consulting firm that supports business process change and prides it on the strong relationships it has established with its many clients over the past 24 years.  RJMC is vendor and solution independent and does not sell hardware or software or perform system implementations.  Visit to better understand the scope of RJMC services.