Rubenstein Justman Management Consultants


It is that time of the year when we indulge, some more than others. Food, drink, or maudlin movies. Who can deny the tug of It’s a Wonderful Life when the weather outside is snowy and the Christmas tree is yet to shed? On the other hand, for some of us ERP types, we’d more readily empathize with the Cary Grant character ducking and weaving to escape that army of crows in Birds.

They just keep coming. Some are squawky enough to be fear inducing – BRAP, XBRL, IFRS, REPM, ELMS. Others are maddeningly generic – BE, BP, BI, BS (really!)

Sticking to indulgences, and of stuffing oneself silly with cookies and candy, who amongst us doesn’t remember mother cautioning them to take smaller bites and chew adequately? Our work world could sure use a variation of that time honored advice. Accounting for current business complexity an ERP mantra to “bite, chew, ruminate” may not be a stretch.

Bite – Break down your processes. Be fearless. Ask questions.

Chew – What functions are on life support? What are my Core business functions?

Ruminate – How much will change cost? Who will implement the change?

How do you accomplish this?

Here, at RJMC, we are dedicated to the optimum incorporation of Enterprise Resource Planning in mid-size companies. Our fact-finding, evaluation, and planning methodologies have helped our clients overcome their ERP challenges for over twenty years. We help you map the present, analyze your needs, and provide you with clear choices for the future.

No one ever said it would be easy, but we can guarantee that RJMC will simplify your technology projects, minimize any internal disruption, and promote collaboration to ensure success while saving you time and money!

To put it another way, RJMC will remove the suspense from your IT projects. We will transform the projects from squawky a”crow”nyms into messenger pigeons – the kind that home in and deliver.

Happy New Year!