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RJMC To Assist Olive Producer with ERP Assessment

Rubenstein / Justman Management Consultants (RJMC) is pleased to announce a new engagement to assist the largest table olive producer in the U.S. with an assessment of their legacy enterprise systems.   This quick project will be the first step in determining whether to retain the existing system or to consider an evaluation of an alternative ERP solution in the future. 

Our systems assessment process will involve conducting structured fact-finding meetings with each of the functional business areas, understanding the existing business processes and identifying the strengths of the existing solution as well as those areas that might benefit by change.  During the course of our assessment of the current environment we will also document future business requirements which will support the development of a Request for Proposal document for the evaluation of alternative ERP solutions. 

Based upon our experience and research, our project will also provide a realistic budget should the company choose to proceed down the path of selecting a new ERP solution.

RJMC has been performing System Assessments for many years in for a variety of distribution and manufacturing companies and we eagerly look forward to exercising our proven methodology to quickly and efficiently appraise our client as to the status of their existing information technology environment.

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