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Challenges of Implementing a 21st Century System at a 20th Century Client

Have you tried to lead a company forward and they just won’t budge? Is the largest complaint that the system screens are not the same as the old system? Is the next largest complaint that ‘this is not how we used to do it!”? Is the third largest complaint “We wish we had never changed”? Once in a while the best laid plans to introduce 21st Century technology solutions get derailed by a 20th Century Client.

Identifying the symptoms of a 20th Century Client early on in the project cycle will help protect your project budget and timelines from reluctant users and frustrated management and guide them into a state of satisfaction and accomplishment.

Symptoms of a 20th Century Client

  • Inability or reluctance by Staff to Use Generally Accepted Business Tools like Microsoft Excel
  • Reliance on Hard Copy Reports to Communicate Company Results as Opposed to Using Dashboards of Key Performance Indicators
  • Continued use of Fax transmittals to support external communications
  • Producing and filing multiple color copies of documents as opposed to producing, distributing, or storing them electronically
  • Reluctance by management and staff to change existing business processes
  • Management promoting their need to be “Flexible” for each and every customer as a justification for not implementing best practices
  • Management team that is challenged to understand the potential benefits of a new system
  • Reliance on the intuition and experience of key individuals as opposed to learning about or accepting automation that can contribute to operational improvements and customer satisfaction.
  • Reluctance of users to make the necessary commitment to testing and training
  • Reliance on an IT department with legacy skills and an unwillingness to learn new tools
  • An aging workforce with no signs of age or talent diversity. Staff perform repetitive work without understanding or caring about the overall impact of their job to the success of the company
  • Staff with an 8 to 5 mentality – no desire to learn or contribute more than the minimum asked of them.

If this sounds like your environment, call us to learn how to overcome Resistance, Resentment, and Reluctance to ensure a successful implementation of a 21st Century solution.

For the past 30 years Rubenstein / Justman Management Consultants (RJMC) has been assisting middle-market consumer product companies to plan for and implement new technology, introduce operational improvements and new efficiencies to existing business processes, and provide project management to get the job done.

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