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Six Planning Tips to Help Select the Right ERP Solution and Control Costs

Companies invest in Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solutions to improve operations and grow their businesses.  However, ERP implementation projects cost can run high and need to be well planned and managed. Whether you are looking at an On-premises solution or choose the way of the “Cloud” here are Six ERP Planning Tips to Help Select the Right Solution and Control Costs.

  1. Clearly Define Project Scope– know your ERP project priorities and what needs you are trying to satisfy.
  2. Pre-Quality Solution Providers– Only include solution providers that have a reasonable opportunity to address your needs and are open to a flexible implementation plan. Don’t waste your time or their time just to provide another comparative proposal.

  3. Clearly Communicate Project Scope to proposing solution providers – Document your needs in the form of a Request for Proposal. Don’t rely on verbal communications which can promote misunderstandings and possible frustrations and often extends the ERP evaluation and selection process.

  4. Know your Showstoppers – Most pre-qualified commercially available solutions will satisfy 80% of your needs. It is the 20% of your unique “showstopper” requirements that you need to solve for.

  5. Negotiate . . . Negotiate . . . Negotiate – Everyone is open to negotiation. Choose the right time to negotiate (e.g., vendors month-end) and enjoy the opportunity.

  6. Engage an Expert to Represent Your Best Interests – Look for experience to steer you through this exercise. Solutions providers do this for a living, you should be represented by some equivalent expertise.

If you take heart in these 6 tips you will mitigate your project risk and increase your probability of selecting the right solution at the right price!

Rubenstein / Justman Management Consultants has the experience to assist companies to make the tough, complex decisions that can result in successful projects while controlling project cost.  Call us to learn more.

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