Rubenstein Justman Management Consultants

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At no cost to your company*, RJMC will perform a customized ERP Cloud Assessment of your current systems and your ERP options including an estimated budget.

This valuable evaluation will provide you with information to start your ERP project.

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FREE ERP Cloud Assessment 

We meet with key members of your team to understand the scope of your existing on-premises and cloud-based initiatives.

We conduct a series of fact-finding interviews with key functional users to learn about what works well today and where system capabilities are falling short.

We discuss the direction of your company.

Then we provide a written ERP Cloud Assessment that answers the following:

  • State of your systems environment
  • Requirements to run the company today and your plans for the future.
  • Viable system alternatives that you can consider
  • Specifics on solutions and integration partners
  • Estimated budget by category

We are your best Project Managers for your business to guide the selection and implementation of the right systems that work excellently – on time and on budget! 

APPLY HERE for your
FREE ERP Cloud Assessment 


*Companies will be expected to cover any out-of-pocket travel expenses.