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One-Week IT Assessment and Cloud Strategy Offer

One-Week IT Assessment and Cloud Strategy Offer

In just One Week, RUBENSTEIN / JUSTMAN MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS will work with you and your company to provide a Rapid Assessment of your IT environment. We will look at your existing on-premises and cloud-based initiatives.  During our process we will explore:

  • Applications that are working well and should remain as a cornerstone to your technology.
  • Embedded “Secret Sauce” features and functions which are critical to your operations.
  • Functional business areas that are being underserved by legacy systems or lack of systems.
  • Current IT Spend so that we can provide a best practices assessment.

Our One Week Assessment will provide actionable observations and recommendations such as:

  • Specific solutions and integration partners
  • How Cloud may or may not be in your future.
  • A Projection as to the future cost of change based on variety of assumptions.

The Assessment will be a professional document that you will be able to share with non-technical managers and executives.

RJMC is all about Driving Your Business with Tools and Processes that Work excellently the First Time!

One-Week IT Assessment and Cloud Strategy is a limited time offer.

Total value is $7,500.

Register by April 15, 2018 to receive 50% discount for $3,750.

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* We do not represent, sell, or endorse any software or solution providers.  Our focus is on project management to evaluate and support the needs of our clients to improve processes and support company growth.