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Our Services

RUBENSTEIN / JUSTMAN MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS helps our Clients tackle the issues of productivity and efficiency that create obstacles to growth. We provide our Clients with solutions that are practical for the Client’s size, strategic goals, and staffing levels.

Workable solutions that align with a Client’s strategy, core competencies, and budget have produced 30 years of satisfied RJMC Clients.

RJMC works with our Clients to solve real business needs, often saving both time and money while achieving excellent results.

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Systems Assessment
ROI Analysis
Implement Operational Improvements to Existing System
Evaluate Alternative Solutions
Requirements Definition
Request for Proposal
Vendor Evaluation & Selection
Contract Negotiations
Project Management

Systems Assessment

A System Assessment is recommended when management is looking to assess their current software and information technology infrastructure for the purpose of planning for change.

Our approach, typically performed over a period of four to six weeks, is centered on answering those questions that will provide management with a roadmap to make the “right” decisions about their future technology needs.

We tailor the scope of our assessment to each individual client, but a sample of questions that we are often asked to address includes:

Within the scope of answering these questions, The RJMC Systems Assessment process evaluates the benefits and limitations of the current systems and highlights areas where improvements could positively affect the business, as well as making a case for improving the systems or embarking on an evaluation and selection of a new system.

The deliverable of our System Assessment is a formal document that management can use to set a direction for their future technology.

ROI Analysis

Determining the Return on Investment for the acquisition and implementation of new technology can be a challenge. RJMC has developed a seven step process to perform and present a meaningful ROI Analysis that allows a company to quantify the potential value of introducing new or updated enterprise solutions.

Our seven steps include:

  • Aligning the scope of the proposed Technology Project with the corporate strategic direction
  • Identifying the quantifiable project costs
  • Quantifying the projected Tangible Benefits
  • Defining the indirect or Intangible Benefits
  • Identifying Risks that can impact the ability to realize the projected ROI
  • Presenting the Business Case in a clear and concise manner
  • Obtaining management consensus and then taking action

An ROI Analysis may be performed as a standalone project, but is often delivered as part of the Systems Assessment process. RJMC’s underlying objective in performing an ROI Analysis is to provide our clients with results that can be measured once a new solution or improvements to an existing solution have been implemented.

Let us develop a tailored a ROI Analysis for you!

Implement Operational Improvements to Existing Systems

The answer to your operational challenges is not always to replace the existing legacy system with a new ERP solution. We often find that the legacy system is addressing the core business requirements of the organization in a very cost-effective manner.

Selected functional areas of the company, however,  may be requesting improvements due to changes in business direction, competitive pressures, regulatory requirements, supplier demands, management request for more timely decision-making information, or an array of other factors.

RJMC has been assisting clients to identify these processing gaps by finding system or procedural solutions to make your system whole again. The areas where improvements can be realized can be endless but a few that we see most often include:

  • Reporting – Introducing solutions that are able to use data from legacy files or databases so that users can access data that was previously unavailable without programming help
  • Business Intelligence – Staging legacy data in such a way as to provide management with web-based dashboards to support their decision-making process
  • Customer Relationship Management – Enhancing an organization’s marketing abilities by introducing an appropriate CRM solution to manage the sales and support pipeline
  • Warehouse Management System – Enhancing the distribution channel by introducing more efficient WMS capabilities to an existing enterprise system
  • Employee Expense Reimbursement – Introducing web-based solutions to better control the reimbursement cycle

RJMC can guide the identification and implementation of system and procedural improvements as well as help you understand when it is appropriate to take the “improvements” path as opposed to considering a new ERP solution.

Evaluate Alternative Solutions

Over the past twenty plus years, RJMC has developed a proven methodology that we use to evaluate and select new enterprise-wide or specific operational system solutions. Our underlying objective is to assist our client to select the “right” solution at the “right” price.

Whether you are a mid-market organization or a larger Fortune 1000 company, the RJMC methodology can be tailored to meet your needs. The process involves four basic steps that include:

  • Requirements Definition
  • Request for Proposal
  • Vendor Evaluation and Selection
  • Contract Negotiations

Each is further described if you Click on the respective box in the diagram above.

The typical Evaluation and Selection process takes several months to complete.

Give us a call and we would be pleased to show you examples of the specific deliverable that you can expect from each step in our process. Also keep in mind that RJMC can work with your Team to perform one or all of the Steps that comprise our methodology.
Also ask us about our accelerated approach to see if it can work for your organization to save you time and money without compromising results.

Requirements Definition

This step starts with fact-finding meetings with management to understand the strategic direction of the company. It is imperative that the new system be supportive of the overall strategic direction of the company. We then conduct additional fact-finding sessions with key management and staff by functional area in order to define system requirements.

A key objective of this step is to highlight those functional requirements that are unique to your organization. These documented features, functions, and controls will provide the primary basis for evaluating alternative system solutions. They will be incorporated into a Request for Proposal (RFP) document that will be distributed to pre-qualified software solution providers and System Integrators.

Deliverables for this step include:

  • List Requirements by Functional Area
  • Identification of Key System Requirements
  • Preliminary List of Qualified Vendors

Request for Proposal

RJMC has developed a very effective format for preparing a Request for Proposal (RFP) document that will be used primarily to communicate the system features and functions that need to be addressed within the scope of the desired system solution.

A point of differentiation with an RJMC developed RFP is that we identify and highlight “Showstopper” requirements that are absolutely necessary to satisfy the transaction process, security and control or reporting needs of the organization. Since most of the commercially available software today addresses a large percentage of business needs, we find it is most important that we solve for your “Showstoppers.”

Our RFP also incorporates other key components like data conversion and interface requirements as well as volume statistics so that vendors can properly size their solutions.

The deliverables for an RJMC developed Request for Proposal include:

  • Finalized System Requirements by Functional Area with Highlighted “Showstopper” Requirements
  • List of Current and Projected Key Volume Statistics
  • Identification of Planned Data Conversion and System Interface Requirements
  • Vendor Instructions for RFP Completion and Delivery
  • Finalized List of Vendors to Receive the RFP

Bottom-line, RJMC works to prepare an RFP that will clearly outline your system requirements with all the other necessary information so that the vendor finalists can participate in the evaluation process effectively.

Vendor Evaluations & Selection

During this step RJMC facilitates the process of vendor demonstrations, beginning with the development of tailored demonstration guidelines that are specific to your requirements. These guidelines will identify the key features and functions that each vendor finalist will be asked to demonstrate as part of their presentation. We will also coordinate any “discovery” sessions that vendors may request in advance in order to prepare them for their scheduled software demonstration.

By providing these business scenarios to the vendors, your evaluation team will be able to see how each solution will handle the business processes that are important to you.

RJMC has also developed a unique method to score the vendor demonstrations. We have found that our Scorecard process keeps the internal team engaged in the demonstration process.
Deliverables for this step include:

  • Software Demonstration Guidelines for Vendor Finalists
  • Software Demonstration Scorecards Tailored to the Demonstration Guidelines
  • Scheduling and Participation in On-Site Vendor Discovery Meetings
  • Facilitation of Product Demonstration Sessions

The demonstration process is one of the most important steps in the evaluation process. RJMC is your advocate so that the demonstrations are tailored to your needs and not a marketing sales pitch by the solution provider.

At the conclusion of the software demonstrations, vendor finalists will be asked to update their proposals to include implementation plans and related contracts. RJMC will then work with your Project Team to make a selection recommendation.

Contract Negotiations

With over twenty years of experience in evaluating and selecting system solutions for our clients, RJMC has become very adept at reviewing both software license and system integrator implementation agreement.

RJMC works on your behalf to:

  • Save you money today and tomorrow by maximizing seat licenses while minimizing license fees
  • Obtain price protection on software modules that you may not need today, but may desire in years to come
  • Realize all available discounts from vendors
  • Ensure that the scope of the software implementation is clearly defined within the integration firm’s Statement of Work document
  • Negotiate a fixed fee implementation whenever possible

Of course, RJMC always encourages internal legal counsel review of these important documents.

Project Management

RJMC is well qualified to serve as your internal project manager on the critically important implementation phase of an enterprise technology project. We address technology and operations considerations and keep the project focused.

If RJMC participated during the Evaluation and Selection process, we will already be very familiar with the business and operational requirements of your company. In addition, we bring our recent experience as internal project managers in conjunction with other complex system implementations from several different vendors.

Our Project Management role includes:

  • Conducting recurring project status meetings and providing status updates to the Project Steering Committee
  • Preparing a semi-monthly Project Status newsletter for the purpose of communicating project status in a non-technical manner and to promote project spirit
  • Monitoring the activities of the Vendors to provide assurance that the scope of the activities described in contracts are performed as agreed
  • Participating in weekly status and issues meetings during the implementation
  • Monitoring the project budget against the project plan and escalating budget variances in a timely manner
  • Reviewing proposed requests to expand or change the scope of implementation activities
  • Coordinating the delivery of required Client data from legacy systems to support required data conversion activities
  • Working with the systems integrator Project Manager to facilitate issue resolution
  • Reviewing and approving systems integrator project deliverables and providing recommendations on systems integrator Project Change Notices as required
  • Responding to the needs of the Project Steering Committee

RJMC has found that ALL system implementations go over budget. RJMC’s role is to make sure that variance is minimal and that the system implementation like all good projects has a Beginning, Middle, and definitely an End.

Services that we provide to ensure your success include:


  • One-Day ERP Workshop: In a single day, RJMC consultants will teach you and your ERP selection team everything you need to know to run your own ERP Selection Process.  RJMC comes to you and shows you what you need to succeed in this critically important task.
    Click HERE for details.
  • One-Week IT Assessment and Cloud Strategy: In just one Week, RJMC will work with your company to provide a Rapid Assessment of your IT environment to include your existing on-premises and Cloud-based initiatives. Click HERE for details.
  • Systems Assessments: Assessment and evaluation of current software and information technology infrastructure, frequently focused on the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system, to identify short-term and long-term software, hardware, and operational needs.
  • Requirements Analysis: Facilitation of information-gathering interviews with key staff to document and analyze the required features and functions of a new application system, ensuring that the selected solution best satisfies needs and expectations.  ERP Requirements Definition can be a tricky and complex process.  RJMC can guide you through it successfully.
  • Software Evaluation and Selection: ERP Evaluation and Selection and evaluation of other  alternative software, based upon User Requirements and budgetary guidelines resulting in the selection of a system solution that best satisfies the transaction processing and reporting needs of an organization.
  • Project Management: Facilitation of project management to guide resources and define project steps, deliverables, timeline, and budget. We provide senior-level management of tasks to achieve a successful project completion.  RJMC’s ERP Implementation Project Management can help you stay on time and on budget.
  • Strategic Business and Technology Planning: Evaluation of business processes, assessment of the current environment, definition of the target environment and development of a strategic plan that addresses time, budget, resources, and functional requirements.
  • Operations Improvement: Evaluation of business processes to improve workflow, communication, and application integration through streamlined methods, improved procedures, and systems.
  • Enterprise Reporting / Business Intelligence: Evaluation, selection, and implementation project management for company-wide systems that have the ability to retrieve information from a wide range of data sources to generate analytical reports for real-time business decision-making.