Rubenstein Justman Management Consultants
Our Team

Our Team

The RUBENSTEIN / JUSTMAN MANAGEMENT CONSULTANTS Team is made up of experienced consultants who have practical, hands-on experience helping mid-market companies make the right technology decisions at the right price. RJMC manages projects that come in on time and within budget.

RJMC Consultants come to our team seasoned with management-level work experience in and around the Operations and Information Technology functions. Our Clients can trust that their RJMC Consultant provides answers based on individual experience and the 24 years of RJMC’s experience as an advocate for mid-market companies.

RJMC projects are typically staffed by a small team of Consultants who are each held accountable for the project’s success. We work with your project team to smoothly achieve the project objectives, simplify the complexities of operations and technology to accomplish more with less, and identify solutions and approaches that satisfy the organization’s needs and optimize the use of resources. 

While RJMC does not focus on a small group of industries, the RJMC process has proved successful in manufacturing and distribution companies, insurance and financial services firms, and a wide range of not-for-profit organizations.