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Challenges of Implementing a 21st Century System at a 20th Century Client

Have you tried to lead a company forward and they just won’t budge? Is the largest complaint that the system screens are not the same as the old system? Is the next largest complaint that ‘this is not how we used to do it!”? Is the third largest complaint “We wish we had never changed”? Once […]

RJMC Introduces the One-Day ERP Workshop!

Over the past 24 years of conducting Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) evaluation and selection projects, RJMC has frequently been asked for the “templates” and other process documents that we use to support our successful ERP projects.

Well, you no longer have to wait to learn how to manage your ERP Evaluation, Selection, and Implementation project. We are now offering a “Live” on-site One-Day ERP Workshop that will teach your team to perform the steps necessary to ensure success when embarking upon this mission critical project. . .

Shifting Functional Expertise for Enterprise Systems from IT to Business Users

Business users who who used to express frustration in having to work with their IT departments to enhance system functionality or to access their data are gaining control over their own destiny because they are becoming more involved in taking steps to satisfy their own system needs with less and less IT involvement. . .

RJMC’s Seven Secrets of Successful System Selections

Seven of RJMC’s secrets for selecting the “right” system at the “right” price.

Question for the ERP Experts: Is “Hosted” ERP Right for Me?

First, some definitions. A hosted Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system means that the system’s software physically resides on servers that are outside of your company’s physical infrastructure. Hosting also typically means that an outside party is managing and maintaining the database and code on which the ERP system runs. The more traditional method for setting up and managing an ERP system has always been to manage the system with company employees maintaining servers that reside within the company’s headquarters or other locations. . .