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Bottom-line – Why do Companies Invest in ERP?

In our experience, companies invest in enterprise solutions to support one of three objectives: to Run the Business, Grow the Business, or Transform the Business. The chart below provides a list of characteristics that satisfies each corporate objective.  The key to any systems investment is to understand where the company plans on being in the […]

How Much Should a Website Really Cost?

  Over the past few months we have been seeing an increase by our clients to initiate new eCommerce projects. As a result, we have spoken to a number of professional web design and development agencies, as well as free lancers about the scope of their services, proposed budgets and timelines required to build a professional […]

Planning for Achievable ROI

Any software vendor can promise you a substantial Return on Investment for your ERP software purchase, but it takes planning, teamwork, and good old-fashioned project management to actually achieve the ROI you expect. . .