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RJMC To Conduct Systems Assessment For Automotive After-Market Parts Company

RJMC is pleased to announce that we have been selected to assist a large mid-market Automotive Aftermarket Parts company with a systems assessment project to review the  technology that supports its current retail, wholesale, mail-order, internet, manufacturing, and financial operations.  We are especially thrilled to be assisting this company because they reached out to us […]

Demand Signals: Broadcast or Listen?

If you have looked at the pictorial representation of a modern supply chains, you will notice how, in their unavoidable complexity, supply chains are taking on the physical appearance of a neural network. The supply chains themselves are being judged on how they satisfy demand. How successfully demand signals are generated and propogated through the […]

Inventory Management – Own and Postpone

The two mantras of inventory are ‘less is better’ and ‘quicker out the door’. This post explores two areas of inventory management that have been attracting renewed attention due to the availability of more sophisticated software to implement them. Ownership Strategy We all know that most of the goods we consume are manufactured in another […]

Planning in a shrinking world

For those of us old enough to remember, a paper route was our first brush with supply chains. Right from checking the bicycle tires, to consulting our route lists, to picking up the stack from the depot manager, being prepared was the watchword. But, who among us does not recall a paper landing on a […]