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When Father Doesn't Know Best. When is the Right Time to Transform the Business?

It was a well-established, family-owned business, with the father ready to retire and his son prepared to take over the reins. The business, with $200 million in revenue, had been using a home-grown system and doing very well. But the son was campaigning for the purchase of an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system that would cost $2 million. The father said it was a waste of money. Who was right? Well, that all depends. In our experience, companies invest in enterprise solutions in order to accomplish one of three objectives: Run the Business Grow the Business Transform the Business It’s important to understand which objective you’re after in order to determine what kind of investmen


An ERP Tragedy / Top Tech Impact Trends for 2019 / ERP for CANIDAE __________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ An ERP Tragedy Can be Averted “Where’s my colored paper invoice?” asked Bill the desk manager. Bill was the mainstay of the company, the guy everyone depended on to maintain customer relations and process orders. RJMC was leading the system testing and user-training at the well-established company, ready to implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to digitize in

ERP Tragedy - Challenges of Implementing a 21st Century System at a 20th Century Company

ERP Tragedy - Challenges of Implementing a 21st Century System at a 20th Century Company The ERP system was first rate, the right choice at the right price, but the organization, and specifically the office staff, were resistant to change. Over 100 years in business, this company had longstanding employees who were dedicated and respected. But they were not interested in changing the way they’d been handling finances, customer service, and order fulfillment. They wanted to walk the paper invoice over to their manager, get his personal stamp of approval, and then walk back to manually enter the data into the computer. That’s how they’d always done it. They wanted to leave their desks to use

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