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Before you start an ERP Evaluation and Selection Project, calculate the total budget so that you have a sense of scope and can manage effectively.

RJMC’s extensive experience with Enterprise Resource Planning systems and the budgets involved in these purchases has allowed us to develop a quick method for estimating a first-year ERP project budget.

As you plan for your ERP project, we can help you to think through an optimal Roadmap for Timing, Resources, Scope, and Budget.   We can help you present scenarios for ROI as well.

By completing your answers to these few simple questions, our RJMC ERP Budget Calculator will give you an estimated budget for your upcoming project. 

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Functions to Implement  Select all that apply

Financials / GL, AR, AP, Cash Management, Fixed Assets

Purchase Order Management

Sales Order Processing

Customer Relationship Management

Business Intelligence / Basic Analytics


Warehouse Management

Demand Planning

Trade Promotion Management

Financial Planning and Analysis

Business Intelligence / Advanced Analytics

eCommerce / Advanced

eCommerce / Basic

Company Information


What do you make / sell ?


Number of System Users with Full Access

Number of System Users with Limited Access (View and Report Only)

Number of Employees


Company Size


Current Systems

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Your ERP Budget Calculator Estimate is a general budget guideline for the first year costs based on the information provided.  The budget does not include Project Management fees.  All numbers to be verified during the ERP System Evaluation and Selection phase. 


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