March 29, 2019




Will Blockchain replace your ERP Software? 

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Will Blockchain replace your ERP software?

On a frequent basis, I see more and more “experts” tout the virtues of Blockchain technology.  Blockchain is currently used to support a variety of transactions including banking, contracts, and supply-chain, with some even suggesting that it will eventually be used ensure the integrity of our voting process!

But will Blockchain be the next evolution of Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)?  Of course!  We will be able to share data securely and have a single system of record that is transparent, able to be authenticated, and auditable.  For example, food companies will be able to have a common set of records with their suppliers which will be trusted and reliable.


Just as the on-premise legacy culture is adapting and accepting Cloud ERP, innovation in building Blockchain business processes will be the next step in our ERP evolution.  The future solutions will be exciting, confusing, and initially complex to integrate.  


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