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We started out from the Big-4 to deliver services in half the time and a quarter the budget. 
We have been delivering successfully for decades!

We Manage
a Project
to Success

Experience brings Speed.
We Get Projects Done!
The First Time.
ERP Systems.



We know how to integrate solutions from the core ERP through 'edge' solutions so that the business runs smoothly.  Incorporating eCommerce along with Demand Planning and optimizing Warehouse operations can be a snap.  You just need smart Project Management.   


We are experts with a specialist's ability.  We know many industries and are keenly 
aware of relevant and current solutions in use.  We have deep knowledge in systems that support finance and accounting, supply-chain, distribution, manufacturing, and eCommerce.   



Rubenstein / Justman Management Consultants (RJMC) has been helping mid-market companies for decades! 

We guide information systems projects.
We improve your use of information systems so that you can run a data-rich business with intensely improved operations.




Best Practices


Best Practices

We have been there and done that!  We can introduce best practices so that your company can achieve relevant and measurable results. 


Our engaging methodology is used to facilitate ERP Systems Selection and Implementation projects to result in better access to information in order to accelerate business decisions and company growth.


Practical and Tactical

As Project Managers, we bring a unique combination of practical expertise in systems, operations, and management to bring solutions into focus.


We guide key staff to embrace the future.

Business Meeting


We help you to get the best deal. 


As your Project Manager, we only focus on your best interests. 


Fiercely Independent

We will help to select and manage the contract negotiations around the purchase of ERP systems.


We do not sell any software.  We have no financial stake in the software solutions that we recommend to you.  We independently guide the selection of the best-suited solutions.


Our founders are skilled business 'doers' who came out of PricewaterhouseCoopers and bring the standards of an international firm with the delivery style of a boutique consulting firm.


Information Technology and

Operations Improvement

We work best with large and privately-held companies.


We think tactically and act practically.   
Timeless Knowledge / Classic Results.

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