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We started out from the Big-4 to deliver services in half the time and a quarter the budget. 
We have been delivering successfully for decades!

We Manage
a Project
to Success

Experience brings Speed.
We Get Projects Done!
The First Time.
ERP Systems.

Janet Artac
Senior Manager



Rubenstein / Justman Management Consultants (RJMC) has been helping mid-market companies for decades! 

We guide ERP information systems projects.
We improve your use of information
systems so that you can run a data-rich business with intensely improved operations.




Best Practices


Janet is a senior manager with RJMC and is a technology strategist and pragmatist known for guiding ERP selection and implementation projects to success.


Janet holds CPIM certification in Detailed Scheduling and Planning, Master Planning of Resources, and Supply-Chain Management.


Janet is an alumna of Wisconsin University with a BS in Information Systems.



RJMC is a project management firm that leads the initiatives for enterprise-wide ERP information systems and operations management for upper middle-market companies with systems assessments, evaluation and selection of enterprise systems, and implementation management and supporting Private Equity firms with Quality of Systems, business process re-engineering, and company integration.


ERP scope of solutions include financial systems, reporting and analytics, and operational systems for manufacturing, distribution, and services. Industries include consumer products, food and beverage, pet food and pet products, cosmetics, agriculture / growers, e-Commerce, technology, industrial services, entertainment, banks and financial services.


Experienced and solution-driven Project Management resulting in Operations Improvement and the Implementation of Systems to support the growth of the company.   The motto is We Get Projects Done!   


We think tactically and act practically.   
Timeless Knowledge / Classic Results.

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