ERP Over Purchase!


eCommerce Consumer Products Company

RJMC knows Software Licensing! 


In the case of this eCommerce company, it was a question of too little too late in engaging a project manager for their ERP purchase.


The Chief Financial Officer could see the company was outgrowing their current systems and had selected and purchased what she thought was the right cloud ERP - close to $1M in software.

RJMC worked with this company to manage the implementation of their Phase 1 Financials.  The system went 'Live" as planned, but the company had 'over licenses' the software by over 30%, $300K! 


We helped the company to build a case for the software vendor to reduce the licensing fees.  


RJMC is expert at reviewing and negotiating software license and consulting services agreements. Bring our project management abilities on board early so that we can save you money.


We Get Projects Done! 

We solve real business needs.

Selecting and Implementing ERP Systems 

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