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QuickBooks™ took you here, now is the time for an ERP system to take you higher!

QuickBooks™ has become the de facto standard financial software for over 40 million small businesses in United States. The challenge is that as companies grow, the limitations in QuickBooks™ becomes apparent in analyzing information and overall performance. Companies often supplement this accounting system with Microsoft Excel in order to satisfy enterprise needs. When the demands for reporting at the SKU level, department level, and operating unit level increases, its time to switch to a real Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software. Companies that plan for change are able to smoothly enter the world of managing and growing the company through data. A Cloud-based ERP solution will require several months to implement.

Here are some signs that tell you your business has outgrown the capabilities of QuickBooks™ or other lower-end accounting solutions so that you will know when you are ready for ERP.

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