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Can You "Go-Live" in Six Months?

Forget about the nay'sayers - you can get your new ERP system implemented in six months. Here are the six basic steps to making it happen:

1. Let everyone in the company know that you are leading the project to bring in new systems

This gets everyone excited, thinking about tomorrow, and is the first step to visualizing the new environment.

2. Talk to the key department heads.

Make sure that the head of Sales, Marketing, Manufacturing, Inventory, Procurement, Warehouse, Accounts Payable, Accounts Receivable are all 'on-board'. Ask them what their top 5 'needs' are and write them down. Circulate!

3. Bring in a Project Manager

You are busy but you need this project to happen. Bring on the right Project Manager who will orchestrate all the moving parts and has the responsibility for keeping the project moving, keeping the budget under control, and keeps all the 'stakeholders' engaged.

4. Evaluate the Options

Requirements Definition, Request for Proposal, Vendor Demonstrations. All very important steps that when well managed, will support selecting the right system at the right time for the right budget. No rush. It's very hard to fix a selection and very easy to make the right selection.

5. This is a Mission Critical Project

Get the CEO on-board. Let the company know that this is a critical step to the growth of the company. Slow is bad for business. So everyone is aligned, incented, and enthusiastic.

6. Get the history organized and ready to convert.

Chart of Accounts, Numbering schemes for SKUs, desired reports. Be evaluating from day-one. This is the actualization of the new system that will be responsive to management questions and reporting needs.

With certainty, if you follow the steps above, the new ERP system will be selected and on its way to a successful "Go-Live".

Call RJMC to be your Project Manager and this dream will come true!

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