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An ERP Tragedy Can be Averted

“Where’s my colored paper invoice?” asked Bill the desk manager. Bill was the mainstay of the company, the guy everyone depended on to maintain customer relations and process orders.

RJMC was leading the system testing and user-training at the well-established company, ready to implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to digitize invoices, streamline and computerize invoice approval processes, and accelerate the fulfillment process.

The system was first-rate, the right choice at the right price. But there was a problem. Several of the company’s key staff were stuck in the 20th century.

Bill the desk Manager, a man who was respected - perhaps even feared - was not ready to give up the colored paper on which every invoice was copied. The consequences of his obstinacy threatened to do more than ruin the implementation of a million-dollar ERP system.

Read more here about the challenges of implementing 21st century technology for 20th century managers and how RJMC navigates companies toward success.

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Recent Stories of Note

OurCrowd Summit 2019

Recently attended with a crowd of 18,000 investors and entrepreneurs. Here is a selection of what the Analysts forecast to be the Top Tech Impact Trends for 2019.


1. Cracking Down on our Sugar Problem

The World Health Organization estimates that 1.9 billion adults are overweight due in part to the over-consumption of added sugars. Technologies are emerging to reduce sugar in foods, change habits, and provide better analytics with faster insights. Read more

2. Bio-mimicking will Heal Us

Nature is earth's best teacher. Many have realized the potential of learning from nature and are funding bio-mimicking R&D efforts. For example, a new mechanism based on a fly’s ear could spur the next big improvement in the acoustical performance of a hearing aid. Read more

3. Farm Data is the New Fertilizer

Farmers are now adding another element besides fertilizer to their crops: data. Whether it’s for overseeing livestock or to analyze the harvest, data enables farmers to identify crop diseases, feed cattle, and generally produce larger and higher quality yields. Read more

4. Flying Cars are Taking Off

Urban density is high, and space for roads remains scarce. Companies are looking to utilize air space for day to day commuting, such as a SkyTran that zips overhead or a reduced-pressure tube for extremely high-speed travel. Read more

5. Robots will Eat your Paperwork

Oxford University estimates that 35% of all jobs will be automated by 2035. A big part of this is due to RPA – Robotic Process Automation. RPA will replace the billions of procedures enterprises use as part of their day-to-day routine. Read more


RJMC Case Study

Pet Food Manufacturing Company

RJMC knows pet food!

Canidae is a leading pet food manufacturer serving the Independent channel while expanding within specialty and eCommerce. RJMC guided Canidae through an ERP evaluation and selection process leading to a successful implementation and Go-Live of Oracle NetSuite.

RJMC is proud that we were able to introduce new technology to Canidae to support continued growth. The system was implemented as planned, on-time, and within budget. See More .


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