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An ERP Tragedy Can be Averted

“Where’s my colored paper invoice?” asked Bill the desk manager. Bill was the mainstay of the company, the guy everyone depended on to maintain customer relations and process orders.

RJMC was leading the system testing and user-training at the well-established company, ready to implement a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system to digitize invoices, streamline and computerize invoice approval processes, and accelerate the fulfillment process.

The system was first-rate, the right choice at the right price. But there was a problem. Several of the company’s key staff were stuck in the 20th century.

Bill the desk Manager, a man who was respected - perhaps even feared - was not ready to give up the colored paper on which every invoice was copied. The consequences of his obstinacy threatened to do more than ruin the implementation of a million-dollar ERP system.

Read more here about the challenges of implementing 21st century technology for 20th century managers and how RJMC navigates companies toward success.

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