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Why Did You Buy That? Really!

“I didn’t think it would be this complicated.”

The head of a booming company in the throes of a growth spurt called me up on a weekday morning. He was embarrassed.

Although he had years of experience purchasing complex machinery for the manufacture of his company’s bestselling products, he’d only bought computer software for his business once - when he’d first set up shop. The world had changed a great deal since then.

And now he was discovering he was in over his head with the contract he was trying to negotiate for a new Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

This is so typical.

One of the most common calls we get are from businesses who have started the process of purchasing and implementing a new Enterprise Resource Planning system - and find themselves in trouble.

These companies were forward-thinking enough to realize that ERP software would help them improve their operations and allow for growth, but they were not forward-thinking enough to realize that, while experts in their own field, they were newbies in the world of ERP.

ERP projects can have many unnecessary purchases. We can help you streamline, optimize, and get the project successfully implemented.

Click here for Six Tips to Reduce the Cost of your ERP.

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RJMC Case Study

ERP Over-Purchase Regret

eCommerce Consumer Products Company

RJMC knows Software Licensing!

In the case of this eCommerce company, it was a question of too little too late in engaging a project manager for their ERP purchase.

The Chief Financial Officer could see the company was outgrowing their current systems and had selected and purchased what she thought was the right cloud ERP - close to $1M in software.

After she'd made the purchase, RJMC was engaged to manage the implementation of their Phase 1 Financials. The system went “Live” as planned, but as we readied for Phase 2, we noticed something awry with the software licenses that had been negotiated six months prior. Our client had over-licensed software by over 30%, $300K!

Once we alerted the client to this over-purchase, we then helped them build a case for the software vendor to reduce the licensing fees.

RJMC is expert at reviewing and negotiating software license and consulting services agreements. Bring our project management abilities on board early so that we can save you money.

Let RJMC right-size your software licensing!


Statistic of the Week

Is your company ready to get on the eCommerce bandwagon?

RJMC can assist you in rethinking your distribution channels and help you identify and manage the process of adding diversification to your channel strategy.


About RJMC



Rubenstein / Justman Management Consultants (RJMC) provides a team approach to Project Management for mission-critical projects in Information Technology and Operations Improvement for middle-market firms focusing on ERP solutions supporting Systems Assessments, Technology Roadmaps, Systems Selection, Implementation, and Operational excellence. As the Project Manager, we guide companies to transform operations and team cohesiveness to achieve relevant and measurable results.

We Get Projects Done!

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