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“When it was just me and five other employees, I knew what was what.” the CEO of a high-end cosmetics company recently told me. “Now I spend most of my time trying to figure out what’s going on. It’s frustrating.”

Alert: QuickBooks is Not ERP!

Circumstances had changed a great deal for her since the inception of the company. Instead of five employees, there were now forty. Instead of a handful of boutique cosmetic products, her company was now selling close to a hundred. In addition, she was planning to expand sales into other countries.

Her problem was that she was using a tool that had been the right one when she’d first started, but it was no longer doing the job. QuickBooks and other Tier 1 accounting solutions have their limitations – and these become abundantly apparent when companies transform and grow.

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Has your business outgrown the capabilities of QuickBooks and are you ready for ERP?

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