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Take Our Software Quiz - Do you Need a New System?

Take Our Software Quiz – Do you Need a New System?​

"You bought your system when?"

Over the phone, the voice of the salesperson from the software company was disbelieving, even scornful.

Listening to him, the CFO of the middle-market consumer products company felt annoyed. It was true that she'd purchased the ERP System for her company ten years ago. She knew that in today's fast-paced world, that was an eon. In fact, she was aware that the company who'd sold her the system was no longer supporting or upgrading the software.

But the system worked.

She was able to obtain the financials and other data she needed on a regular basis.

Was it time for her to make the jump to purchase a whole new ERP system?

Is this your scene too?

Take this quiz now. How do you describe your situation, true or false?

1. It Ain't Broke / Don't Fix

2. We're Customized like Hell / No way to change

3. We're waiting until he retires

If you answered "true" to any of the above statements - surprise! You are ready for a new system. Here's why:

1. It Ain't Broke / Don't Fix

ERP that helps you run your business is the gold standard today. Sometimes you need to break old habits in order to get with the new program. Of course, a new system will both change and improve your business. Just imagine what you could do with a system that pushes a management dashboard, that presents real-time performance metrics or can analyze the effectiveness of your Brands, or can calculate and present Gross Margin by Customer?

2. We're Customized like Hell / No way to change

Relying on that one individual with intimate knowledge of what's under the hood is super risky. You will be delighted to know that many of your unique needs are now standard and part of the ‘best practices’ incorporated into many of the software solutions that you might choose. Wouldn't it be better/faster/cheaper to license a new solution that provides you with cool updates every six months? Configure afresh and get the system working now, no delays. Your business will benefit.

3. We’re waiting until he retires

He is your boss, your C-level executive, your decision maker. Get him on-board now. Your business cannot wait for key staff to see the future that you see. Make a strong business case to improve the financial and operational systems so that the company can flourish with easy-to-access and time-critical information. The future is today.

So, are you ready to take the next step? You are about to get a new system that will be a game-changer for using information to grow your company.

But Wait.

Don’t meet with any software salesperson before you get ready.

You have a few steps to take before you jump into the future: Gather your favorite reports, highlight your mission-critical functions, and get your chief influencers together.

Call RJMC. We will fast-track you to get the best system, smoothly.

We will guide you and your chief influencers into making the best decision for getting the new system implemented and delivering results that you have only dreamed about until now.

RJMC is expert in IT Systems planning and decision making. Call us at the beginning of your project and we will give you the best pathway to success.


Rubenstein / Justman Management Consultants (RJMC) assists mid-market companies to evaluate, select, and implement ERP solutions. Extraordinary support from skilled and experienced consultants. To find out if your business is ready for a change, give us a call at 310-445-5300 - we know ERP.

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