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Wednesday, July 10, 2019


It's All About the People!​ / Salty Energy / Electronic Tongue / Israeli Auto Tech / Talent Mobility / HR Statistics


It's All About the People!​

"I have no way of knowing the exact cost of goods sold for my new line of cereal," the CEO of a food manufacturer recently told me. "Our timekeeping software doesn't break down who works in what part of the factory for how long, so I can't specifically apply labor costs to the individual products." He paused, frowning. "But I'd sure like to." After a longer pause, he looked at me. "Is there something out there that will do that?"

There certainly is.

Not only could the CEO implement a software solution to his problem, but he could also mine all sorts of data collected on his employees that would take him far beyond the capability of his current payroll software. At the touch of a button, he could analyze the performance of his staff, comply with requirements for insurance and vacation, and even recruit new talent. Human Capital Management Systems (HCM) are now so recognized as a powerful tool to manage and optimize workers that the production of this software has become a multi-billion dollar business.

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Recent Stories of Note

Google has a plan to store renewable energy -- with salt Google parent Alphabet has a plan for storing renewable energy that would otherwise go to waste -- and it involves vats of salt and antifreeze.The plan has the potential to last longer than lithium-ion batteries and be as cost efficient as new hydroelectric plants and other existing clean energy storage methods. Read More CNet

Israel becomes latest hotbed for auto tech GM opened a technical center in the Israeli coastal city of Herzliya in 2008, a year before its Chapter 11 reorganization, becoming the first major automaker to secure a foothold in what's become an oasis for mobility startups on a par with Silicon Valley. Since GM, dozens of automakers and Tier 1 suppliers — including BMW, Hyundai, Bosch and Lear — have opened similar centers in Israel to tap into the talent her. Read More Auto News

Food-tasting "electronic tongue" seeks out the spice If you worked as a taste-tester of spicy foods, you'd only be able to try a few samples at a time – after that, your taste buds would become desensitized and need a rest. A newly-developed "electronic tongue," however, can accurately measure the spiciness of multiple foods for hours at a time. Read More News Atlas

Talent Mobility: The Key To Unlocking Your Organization's Potential To succeed in our fast-paced global economy, organizations require a workforce that’s agile and flexible. It’s not enough to hire the best: to succeed organizations must also leverage and mobilize existing talent into new roles, departments or offices. Read More Forbes


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