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It's over. Your ERP no longer loves you.

It's over. Your ERP no longer loves you.

Is the attraction to your existing Enterprise Resource System (ERP) fading? Are you starting to notice those pop-up ads for the Cloud in your browser? Are your employees complaining that your ERP is no longer responding to their needs? Perhaps they're looking elsewhere for support.

Maybe it’s time to find a new system to love. Your ERP is no longer the best for you.

If your thoughts toward your ERP include the following, then it's a sign the two of you need to part ways.


It seems like only yesterday that we needed something like you, dear ERP, to help our company grow. We were so happy to find you among the broad selection of system choices. It was hard getting to know you, but we soon settled into a comfortable routine with our repetitive business processes. Over time, we tolerated the ongoing costs for your monthly maintenance and looked beyond occasional days when you were unable to perform as you once did. But then we noticed other systems included seductive features we could use that you did not have. Your inability to help us sell via eCommerce was probably the last straw. It is hard to admit that you are no longer PERFECT as you once were. The years are starting to show.


In the early days we had a great relationship. Yes, we had to invest at first until we got to know each other better, but the result seemed worth the cost. But you never told me that we'd be paying for custom work to keep you relevant for all of our company's needs. When does that end? We're not a bottomless money pit, you know. By now, you're so customized we can’t break-away from each other without much hurt and despair. You did this to us! And if we want to ensure you play effectively with others so the company can be more integrated and efficient, it will cost us even more time, effort, and dollars. What are we supposed to do? Pay it? We know you will only end up costing even more down the road.


You told me this would last forever, but you were lying. The processes that once worked so beautifully now seem outdated. You tell me you're upgrading, but we only continue to move further apart. New players out there offer cleaner lines of communication, more colorful presentations, and performance indicators that get us excited about measuring our success.

Although you will always be one of our ERP Valentines, we will sadly have to look for others that we can embrace even if they are off in the Clouds.


Rubenstein / Justman Management Consultants (RJMC) can help you find your true ERP Valentine, a new system to love, cherish, and appreciate. Give us a call today at 310-445-5300 - We Get Projects Done!


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