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It's Time to Call!

Now is a perfect time to connect with people. We all find ourselves in unusual working circumstances – working from home or working in emptier offices. A call from a colleague is a nice happening.

Instead of thinking about our projects, we find ourselves quoting corona statistics and listening intently to news about the coronavirus impact in every city and every country – watching the charts about flattening the curve and learning about the population count.

Our office is in Los Angeles and looks out onto one of the most trafficked boulevards in the city, where thousands of cars used to pass every day. Now we see just a handful of cars and no pedestrians.

The world has shifted.

So let’s shift. Instead of emails, let’s pick up the phone.

Now is the perfect time to connect with friends, clients, and solution providers who are in our circle of connections.

It’s a good time to hear from people, even just to say “Are you doing OK? Are you safe?” We can all relate to waiting in line outside the grocery store because of social distancing or how we are changing our shopping habits – buying online or buying in bulk.

Make one of those soft commitments to get together once restaurants open again or once baseball is back in play.

It’s time to make a personal connection.

So here our recommended “It’s Time to Call” guidelines:

  1. Make a List – Identify five individuals to call each day.

  2. Make the Calls - Whether you are working from home or at your place of work, share your situation with others and see how they are pulling through. I’m sure they will want to share their grocery experience or ask you for a Netflix recommendation. They might even have a technical question, like whether to use Zoom, Google Meet, or some other cool technology to make working from home that much more productive.

  3. Be creative – Share a new idea, create a new line. Now is about connecting and listening. The fruit of which is creativity. Let the new ideas flow!

  4. Offer Assistance – Offer a helping hand or a referral. You’ll feel good about it and so will they!

The Coronavirus will pass, hopefully soon. Spending the next several weeks in quarantine is an amazing opportunity to connect.

All you need to make a happy connection is you, your CRM, and your phone. Without a doubt, you will make a difference to your circle during these challenging times.

Put us on your call list – we’d love to hear from you – to share ideas and offer up solutions. 310-445-5300


Rubenstein / Justman Management Consultants (RJMC) is expert in assisting you to plan for operational and systems improvements. We can meet you via screen-share. Call today to get more insight regarding our approach to increasing the value of your business through improved operations and systems. We Get Projects Done!


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