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A vendor proposal has many choices  unique to the industry.  Contract Negotiations benefits from the experience of RJMC to review software license and System Integrator agreements to achieve the best advantage for the company.


This step also includes a review by the head of the Project Team and corporate counsel.


RJMC eworks on the company's behalf to:

  • Ensure that the scope of the software features and implementation considerations are clearly defined.

  • Obtain pricing benefits for the company.

  • Establish cost controls that can be anticipated.

  • Save money and time by managing the optimization of features to be included and timeline for implementation

  • Binding the vendors to the Statements of Work.

The Contract Negotiations support the Implementation Planning

RJMC continues to guide the project as the Project Manager supporting the company to manage the Vendor and the Systems Integrator with the Project Team to accomplish the full implementation of the solution. 

RJMC expertise gets the project Done on-time and with better than expected results. 

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