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We are experts in Project Management - We Get Projects Done!


The Implementation Planning step involves the head of the Project Team, the Vendor, the Systems Integrator Project Manager, and RJMC as Project Manager for the company.


RJMC guides the project as the Project Manager supporting the company to manage the Vendor and the Systems Integrator with the Project Team to accomplish the full implementation of the solution. 


RJMC works on the company's behalf to:

  • Manage the timeline, people, milestones, and overall budget.

  • Evaluate change requests as to impact and cost.

  • Solve for unanticipated issues in order to keep project on target.

  • Optimize integration and conversion issues.

  • Review internal procedures and identify areas for change.

  • Support overall Project Team spirit to be ready to adopt and use the new system and related procedures.

Implementation Planning extends into overall Implementation Management through to the "Go-Live".  

RJMC expertise gets the project Done on-time and with better than expected results. 

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