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Project Management is critical to the entire project so that the project has time limits, budget guidelines, and achieves the goal.  Technology and operations considerations are kept in focus.  Key to project management is engaging the people and balancing their involvement, their time, and their interests.


RJMC Project Management includes:

  • Leading the Project Status meetings and providing status updates to the team members.

  • Preparing a Project Status Newsletter to communicate project milestones and next steps in a non-technical format.  This often increases the project spirit among the team members.

  • Managing the vendor activities to maintain the scope of the project and that contracted services are performed as agreed.

  • Monitoring the project budget and the project plan and responding to changes in a timely manner with solutions.

  • Reviewing proposed requests to expand or change the scope of activities.

  • Coordinating the delivery of required Company data from legacy systems in order to support required data conversion activities.

  • Managing the Systems Integrator team including their project manager to facilitate the timeline and issue resolutions.

  • Reviewing and approving the Systems Integrator project deliverables and providing recommendations on alternate solutions, as appropriate.

  • Managing and responding to requests by the project team.


Project Management is the key to achieving the desired results, and often more.   


RJMC ensures that each project has a defined Beginning, Middle, and End.  


RJMC expertise gets the project Done on-time and with better than expected results. 

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