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Current State
Future State
Technology Roadmap


A System Assessment is often a first step in the process of evaluating new systems.  Its an opportunity of assess the current state around systems and operations in order to anchor a roadmap for change to arrive at a desired future state


Our approach delivers a roadmap to provide management with support to make the 'right' decisions about future technology needs.  The process can take four to eight weeks.


We tailor the scope of the assessment to focus on the needs of your business.  We ask the 'right' questions to include:


Our Systems Assessment & Technology Roadmap process evaluates the benefits and limitations of the current systems.  Our report will highlight areas where improvements in systems and operations could positively impact the business.  


Our presentation supports a decision to improve the current systems or to embark on an evaluation and selection of a new system.  


We provide you with a timely and relevant Systems Assessment & Technology Roadmap to drive a path forward that is unique to your company and includes resource needs, estimated budget under alternate scenarios, operational impact analysis, and a view to the possible choices ahead.

RJMC expertise gets the project done on-time with excellent results. 


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