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As a company is evaluating significant expenditures on upgrading systems, there is often a request from management to estimate the value the company will get from the project.  


A business case presentation involving a Return on Investment (ROI) Analysis is useful to focus on the beneficial results to be gained from the project.


RJMC has developed a seven-step process to perform and present a meaningful ROI Analysis to support a company in quantifying the value of introducing new enterprise solutions.


  • Alignment - aligning the scope of the project with the strategic direction of the company.

  • Costs - quantifying the project costs.

  • Benefits - quantifying the project benefits.

  • Intangibles - quantifying the intangible benefits from the project

  • Risks - identifying risks that impact the ability to realize the ROI.

  • Business Case - presenting in a clear and concise manner

  • Consensus - obtaining management consensus to take action.

RJMC is often asked to prepare an ROI Analysis and Business Case presentation as a next step from the Systems Assessment prior to the company deciding to proceed with the step to Evaluate Alternative Solutions.  

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