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The Evaluation of Solutions step involves more than just choosing software.  It is a process that engages the whole team so that using the selected system is embraced because the choice was understood.


RJMC uses a proven methodology to evaluate and select new ERP / enterprise-wide solutions.  Additional solutions can be industry specific, involving Trade Promotion Management, Demand Planning, Warehouse Management, and Financial Analysis and Reporting

Over a period of three to four months, the system can be selected and implementation considerations can be thought through within the team.


RJMC is the Project Manager, ensuring that the the right parties are included, the system choices are well vetted, and the best solution is considered.


Steps in the process include:

  • Requirements Definition

  • Request for Proposal

  • Vendor Evaluation and Selection

The next steps are:

  • Contract Negotiations

  • Implementation Planning

  • Implementation Management


This project can result in significant operational improvements, reporting clarity, and systems that will support the company in growing.


RJMC expertise gets the project Done on-time and with better than expected results.  


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